Thursday, July 8, 2010

Metamorphose's Gardening Teddy Reserve Print

Meta has a new reserve print up for their autumn collection here called Gardening Teddy.

It features an all over print of cute little teddy bears and pink doves flit about very serenely. A subdued sweet piece that could work for classic-sweet. And as usual they have a variety of OP/JSK/Skirt designs and accessories to mix and match (I love this about meta). There is an antique white, pink, and brown colorway. Bears also seem to be a recurring theme with Meta, remember the honey picnic print from earlier this summer? If that's sweet-sweet this is the more grown up sweet-classic. Pity we won't see a classic-gothic bear print (or will we?) Also I've completely run out of unbearable puns to make (or have I?).

The brown OP is actually quite lovely, if only the three vertical lines down the middle didn't break it up so much. I like the more defined waist style OPs rather than the high waist (seen here in pink)

I'm actually quite fond of this print, maybe not ready to jump the reserve wagon quite yet, but if I see it pop up second hand I'll be severely tempted. I love classic and sweet-classic hybrids. Here's an interesting accessory they are putting out, a bandana headdress.

Reminiscent of the kerchiefs women would wear, it has a quaint appeal. I think it looks cute in brown, but it might be a little off putting in the other colors. But good on meta for not just making the same headbow over and over (not that there's anything wrong with headbows). For this print, this 'fundiform' headdress matches quite well.
In a perfect world I would have...
The antique white or brown pinafore JSK!

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