Friday, July 16, 2010

Romantic Rose Reserve (IW)

Brand new reserve up today, a lovely newJSK and skirt launching a new "Romantic Rose" Series.

It features a delicate and incredibly detailed floral print in beige, chocolat, and black. The pink flowers add a jewel like elegance, while the cut is classic with a twist of sweet. It's a halter design which helps it's size versatility and is shirred in the back.

While not really noticeable on the beige, the crosshatch design on the black and chocolat colorways remind me a bit of memorial cake and jewel butterfly. It does make it a little intense on the eyes, which is why I vastly prefer the beige version. The skirt is also very simple, which is great for showing off the intricacy of the chocolat and brown versions.

I think it's interesting how most of the time floral prints are all over, but this is an all over plus border floral print. Also the alternating floral/solid and print/motif designs pattern in releases by most brands. At any rate, this is a lovely summer print for those who like pink, but not necessarily pink colorways.

In a perfect world I would have... the JSK in beige x pink

In other news, incredibly excited about Dream in a midsummer night~ Has anyone put one on reserve?

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  1. Nope, don't have the means to reserve anything, but I really like the IW Romantic Rose in the beige x pink. I can actually fit the measurements! XD