Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Innocent World Socks and Comissioned Wristcuffs

Woo~ I'm back from Bermuda with a nice tan. Upon my arrival my wristcuffs from Crystal, who was really, really helpful and nice about everything. I wanted a pair of wristcuffs because the sleeves on one of my classical OPs were a little too short for my comfort. I looked around at some brands and offbrands, but the trouble was getting nice offwhite wristcuffs that were long enough and not too frilly. She was very understanding and picked out this lovely embroidery lace for me. Needless to say I was thrilled when I got them and saw how pretty they were in person. I would definitely recommend her work to anyone.

Additionally, my friend Hitoshi went to Japan to see his family recently and he usually picks up a small omiyage for me and my sister. This time I asked him to go to the IW store for me and pick up a pair of socks (I reimbursed him for being a casual shopping service for me, haha). These are offwhite OTKs with the softest lace on the top. They are so warm and cute! Next year he might have to bring back something bigger :3

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  1. The wrist cuffs are just beautiful! They're so elegant looking, and I love the colors.