Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Metamorphose Lucky Pack Summer 2010 Pictures

Pictures here and more info about the sale on the 25th
Ohh who called it? Well, the polka dots anyway. Everything else is still technically a mystery. That is presumably from the 15,000 yen pack, a lucky coordinated outfit. I do think the "quiet" and "light" color options are interesting, since I don't see red as a necessarily 'light' color.
Here is an example of the 10,000 pack. Skirt, bloomers, socks, tote, and a small accessory. It's a good deal! If only you could pick the spectrum of colors like with the 15,000 pack. I'm so tempted now after seeing the pictures, but when they go on sale I'll be en route to Montreal so I'll hold off this season. For everyone going for it- Good Luck!
In a perfect world I would have...
The 15,000 pack in a 'quiet' color

Monday, June 21, 2010

Innocent World Georgette and Gina JSK

This JSK went up for reserve a few days again from Innocent World which at the time of writing, is my favorite lolita brand next to Mary Magdalene. This JSK comes in beige, black, and pink. Only the pink and beige have stock photos, but it's pretty easy to imagine it in black.
There are some interesting things about this JSK, first off it has a high babydoll cut, combines chiffon and "sparkly dot" print (although that is probably only apparent up close). It also sports a silhouette that is not cupcake/bell or A-line/princess. And coming in at only 66.8cm in total length, this is not for tall folks. Honestly this is very nightdressy, although I'm sure it works perfectly fine as a lolita coord. It is nice to see a different shape from Innocent World, this looks really cute with a short sleeve blouse and wristcuffs, and absolutely doable for a day out.

Here's the reserve page

In a perfect world I would have...
the pink JSK (because I can't keep white clean, sorry, just bad luck)

While Georgette is a reserve, Gina is a new JSK available from IW. In beige, chocolate and black, this is another solid coloured JSK with a similar shape. According to the description it provides a "a sweet A-line silhouette," but that comes more from the front panel. As seen on the model there is a hint of an A-line, but the sides fall heavily straight downwards, so it has some sort of empire waist/A-line hybrid thing going on there. I still think it is very charming, if that shape suits your frame. For my complete lack of curves, it does seem to go hand in hand for me. It is also closer to the standard JSK length at 88cm total length.

In a perfect world I would have...
The Chocolat JSK, because I love warm tones.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Metamorphose Lucky Pack Summer 2010 Announcement

Everyone by now probably knows the Meta Lucky Pack announcements came out. They are selling 2 types of packs

Full announcement here

The 10,000 yen pack is more like a traditional lucky pack where as the 15,000 is more like a lucky set, since the dress, haircombs and bloomers are all of the same material. Because I'm going to Otakon this summer I will be passing on Lucky Packs, but I do have some predictions...

Of course it's all conjecture, and LP are how Meta moves out it's old stock, but I think at the very least someone is going to end up with the hearts print. Also possibly Cherry Berry bunny. I'm actually quite curious about the coordinate packs and I hope to see other people's as they get them.

KidsYoYo VM Style Classical OP + Dollscrops Petti Review

A review! Love doing these. Anyways, I received this OP by KidsYoYo. I think they were on a very limited run because it's no longer on Taobao or the popular shopping service Qutieland. Click the jump for detail shots and the petticoat

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Taobaonow and Taobaobuying Comparison

A truncated review of Taobaonow and Taobaobuying shopping services. Read the full thing here


Packed very neatly, arrived safely and soundly
Communication 5/5: Excellent, you can leave comments and questions on your order page and they will respond within 24-48 hours depending on when you ask.
Ordering 5/5The shopping cart system is great, it is functional, intuitive, and allows you to specify your measurements and colors
Shipping 5/5 You are given 4 different shipping options, from China airmail, hong kong airmail (small parcel), hong kong airmail, and EMS. You also receive a discount on Ems so shipping for 1kg is between 30-40$


For a blouse and a magically appearing bag, this took approximately three weeks.
Communications 5/5 Popeye was great with keeping up communications and I'm really grateful he was able to get my bag in the end (even though unfortunately I probably have to sell it)
Ordering:4.5/5Not quite as polished as Taobaonow's system, but still, it works and I was able to specify everything about my order. The measurements I gave translated into a perfectly fitting blouse.
Shipping 4.5/5 For speed, 5/5 because I got it very quickly through EMS. But I was a little worried as it came wrapped in an an tai na shoebox, and shoeboxes sometimes don't hold up well during transit. Still, I received everything in perfect condition and they were wrapped protectively inside. I got a cute towel ice cream cone as a gift too. Discounted EMS came out to about 30$ for 1kg

Honey Picnic (Metamorphose)

As you can see, this is a beary sweet print from Meta. You can view them all here. One of the cool things I like about Meta is that they release a print and then a nice variety of OPs and JSKs (and a basic skirt).

But that does unfortunately mean sometimes there ends up being three out of four designs you want or only one- or none- of the designs that really appeal to you. For example while I think the OP design is nice, I am not digging either of the JSK designs. There is also a very strong AP influence, which is not strange for Meta, but they have a history of some very lovely esoteric prints. Here the colors look just a little too saturated, the print just a little too saccharine- of course, if you like OTT sweet that's a non issue. But I would have liked a neutral colorway, in offwhite or cream. Even light yellow! I suppose 'pale green' has to suffice.

Close up of the pale green colorway. I have to admit it is a cute design, the bears are so adorable and I love pancakes. Despite throwing in a hodgepodge of motifs (stuffed animals, bows, food, musical instruments) it's not unbearably busy- but the colors!

Then again, it is summer so that means I can bearly wait for the Lucky Pack announcements, along with everyone else it seems.

PS: I apologize for the beary bad puns.
In a perfect world I would have:
the OP in lavender (or a nonexistant cream)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hide and Seek with Missin' Alice (BTSSB)

This is Baby's reserve print~ You can see the other colorways here. It is another alice themed print, but I do really like the JSK design. The scalloped bust is an interesting design choice.

The offwhite may be my favorite colorway, although the brown is quite charming too. I know black Baby prints usually end up being their most popular, but I have to say, the black looks sort of... sinister, to me? It might be the red on black. Am I just crazy or do you see it too?

So, I suppose there's suppose to be a story with this print. Alice has gone missing, so the rabbit must find her again? That's certainly how the 2010 Tim Burton film started out. I have to say, asia/japan/lolita brand's minor obsession with the Alice in Wonderland franchise/series/novels/imagery is impressive. I can see a lot of clear connections, with the victorian elements tied with the fantastical imagery of Carroll's original stories. Some may say it is an overused motif for lolita, but considering how this is part of the Alice and the Pirates brand, it cannot be helped. But I would like some more pirates, baby!

As you can see, the OP design is very simple, nothing too much going on there. However, if I somehow magically obtained this piece, the first thing I would do is take off the bows on the bottom hem. I have a vendetta against randomly placed bows.

Really digging this offwhite colorway. It is such a gorgeous print from the AatP series.

In a perfect world I would have the
JSK in offwhite or brown

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tardis Cake

James came over today, and to celebrate we made a cake. And then we made it a Tardis cake. More pics after the jump

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another Cake

Red velvet cake, from scratch, made by Stacey, Lizzy, and myself. Decorated ourselves. Can you really call it decorated? Oh well. Italia!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How do you know it's a duck pond...

... if there aren't any ducks?

Saw this when I was on my way to work. Strange bugger. Glad I didn't squash him.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

let them (not) eat cake

Recipe from barefoot contessa, basic chocolate cake. I cut the recipe in half because I only had 1 9 inch pan, not 2 8 inch pans to make a double layer. Also, Mom doesn't like frosting so I just made a powder sugar heart. It came out pretty good, and very yummy. I think next time, I'll flour the pan a little less heavily, and remember to buy vanilla extract from the store. But! I got food color for macarons! So it's time to make another batch of macarons <3

strawberry fields forever

Strawberry cord and some blabber