Monday, June 21, 2010

Innocent World Georgette and Gina JSK

This JSK went up for reserve a few days again from Innocent World which at the time of writing, is my favorite lolita brand next to Mary Magdalene. This JSK comes in beige, black, and pink. Only the pink and beige have stock photos, but it's pretty easy to imagine it in black.
There are some interesting things about this JSK, first off it has a high babydoll cut, combines chiffon and "sparkly dot" print (although that is probably only apparent up close). It also sports a silhouette that is not cupcake/bell or A-line/princess. And coming in at only 66.8cm in total length, this is not for tall folks. Honestly this is very nightdressy, although I'm sure it works perfectly fine as a lolita coord. It is nice to see a different shape from Innocent World, this looks really cute with a short sleeve blouse and wristcuffs, and absolutely doable for a day out.

Here's the reserve page

In a perfect world I would have...
the pink JSK (because I can't keep white clean, sorry, just bad luck)

While Georgette is a reserve, Gina is a new JSK available from IW. In beige, chocolate and black, this is another solid coloured JSK with a similar shape. According to the description it provides a "a sweet A-line silhouette," but that comes more from the front panel. As seen on the model there is a hint of an A-line, but the sides fall heavily straight downwards, so it has some sort of empire waist/A-line hybrid thing going on there. I still think it is very charming, if that shape suits your frame. For my complete lack of curves, it does seem to go hand in hand for me. It is also closer to the standard JSK length at 88cm total length.

In a perfect world I would have...
The Chocolat JSK, because I love warm tones.

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