Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hide and Seek with Missin' Alice (BTSSB)

This is Baby's reserve print~ You can see the other colorways here. It is another alice themed print, but I do really like the JSK design. The scalloped bust is an interesting design choice.

The offwhite may be my favorite colorway, although the brown is quite charming too. I know black Baby prints usually end up being their most popular, but I have to say, the black looks sort of... sinister, to me? It might be the red on black. Am I just crazy or do you see it too?

So, I suppose there's suppose to be a story with this print. Alice has gone missing, so the rabbit must find her again? That's certainly how the 2010 Tim Burton film started out. I have to say, asia/japan/lolita brand's minor obsession with the Alice in Wonderland franchise/series/novels/imagery is impressive. I can see a lot of clear connections, with the victorian elements tied with the fantastical imagery of Carroll's original stories. Some may say it is an overused motif for lolita, but considering how this is part of the Alice and the Pirates brand, it cannot be helped. But I would like some more pirates, baby!

As you can see, the OP design is very simple, nothing too much going on there. However, if I somehow magically obtained this piece, the first thing I would do is take off the bows on the bottom hem. I have a vendetta against randomly placed bows.

Really digging this offwhite colorway. It is such a gorgeous print from the AatP series.

In a perfect world I would have the
JSK in offwhite or brown

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