Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Metamorphose Lucky Pack Summer 2010 Pictures

Pictures here and more info about the sale on the 25th
Ohh who called it? Well, the polka dots anyway. Everything else is still technically a mystery. That is presumably from the 15,000 yen pack, a lucky coordinated outfit. I do think the "quiet" and "light" color options are interesting, since I don't see red as a necessarily 'light' color.
Here is an example of the 10,000 pack. Skirt, bloomers, socks, tote, and a small accessory. It's a good deal! If only you could pick the spectrum of colors like with the 15,000 pack. I'm so tempted now after seeing the pictures, but when they go on sale I'll be en route to Montreal so I'll hold off this season. For everyone going for it- Good Luck!
In a perfect world I would have...
The 15,000 pack in a 'quiet' color

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