Sunday, June 20, 2010

Metamorphose Lucky Pack Summer 2010 Announcement

Everyone by now probably knows the Meta Lucky Pack announcements came out. They are selling 2 types of packs

Full announcement here

The 10,000 yen pack is more like a traditional lucky pack where as the 15,000 is more like a lucky set, since the dress, haircombs and bloomers are all of the same material. Because I'm going to Otakon this summer I will be passing on Lucky Packs, but I do have some predictions...

Of course it's all conjecture, and LP are how Meta moves out it's old stock, but I think at the very least someone is going to end up with the hearts print. Also possibly Cherry Berry bunny. I'm actually quite curious about the coordinate packs and I hope to see other people's as they get them.

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