Sunday, June 20, 2010

KidsYoYo VM Style Classical OP + Dollscrops Petti Review

A review! Love doing these. Anyways, I received this OP by KidsYoYo. I think they were on a very limited run because it's no longer on Taobao or the popular shopping service Qutieland. Click the jump for detail shots and the petticoat

Here's the collar in a little better light. The base color is neither quite grey or lavender, but a very lovely subdued blend of both.

It's fully lined and very finished. It has detachable waist ties too, forgive the messy bow.

Here's a close up of the print itself. It reminds me a little of antique chinaware or those old screens with pictures of flowers painted on them. I like the classical west+east twist it has.

The only issue that has come up with it is the sleeve length. Originally when I ordered it I gave my three basic measurements, but I overlooked the fact I have slightly broader than average shoulders and while my arms not necessarily longer, the sleeves are a little short. Lesson [ ]Not learned [x]Learned. Give sleeve measurements and shoulder to shoulder measurements. I think I'll buy/make lace wrist cuffs, at the very least then it'll go with the lace topped socks I was planning on coordinating it with. Still, a very lovely dress.

And here is the Dollscrops A-line Petticoat. This thing has got some major poof, but provides the gorgeous shape for classical dresses as opposed to the usual bell/cupcake silhouette. I'm crazy about this petti, here's a comparison shot for the difference it makes.

And from the side as well. Please forgive the hair, had something of a long day. The bottom line is, for the price this exceeded expectations, with the exception of the sizing (which was mostly my carelessness). KidsYoYo has a good record too as an offbrand manufacturer so this is nothing less than I expected. The petticoat was also a nice surprise, but I'll have to see how the poof holds up over time. Now it's time to coordinate —— -(゚∀゚)——-

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  1. What a great A-line petti! I've been looking for a good petti for all my classic dresses..maybe I'll look into getting the same one O:

    Thanks for this review!