Sunday, February 27, 2011

A meeting of interests

**Turn down youtube's volume before listening!! Or else the audio quality will be worse than it already is!!

Fractale is an anime airing this season and it's probably my favorite so far. It's based on an award winning light novel series by the same name. The ending song is a traditional tune "Down by the Sally Gardens" by W.B. Yeats, sung in both English and Japanese.

I really love this simple tune and I realized I have to start practicing violin again after about 3 years of absence. I also was out in lolita (Baby's Red Riding Hood) today, like usual except I forgot to get a pic (D:) But I was wearing it whilst playing to add a point of interest to a very short video.

Notes: I did record it with a camera phone (I should buy a mic one day ;_;)
I also had the mute on, so that's not the true sound of my violin. When I played without the mute, the phone mic made it way too shrill. It's still a little shrill, so listening it at half volume would probably improve it or something. I should figure out how to do that to the video itself...

Do you play any instruments?

Have a good week guys ~!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

On a date, on a whim

Saturday was the first weekend I wasn't completely whacked out about an exam (Though I still have plenty to study for today...) So I went out on a date / shopping errand / get outside and enjoy the 60 degree weather. Because really, this is the time where I could wear a velvet JSK, but no coat and still not freeze and/or burn.

JSK: Lief
Bolero: HMHM
Socks: IW

Please ignore the monkey slippers. I wore real shoes outside, obviously.

This was suppose to be a make up shot, but it came out showing more the lackthereof. I was wearing UD's halfbaked, sidecar, and virgn eye shadows, with UD's Zero eyeliner. I typically don't bother with mascara anymore because I have reaaaallly short eyelashes and if mascara does anything, it really just smudges all over my eyes. Curse my hidden monolids! Whatever :P

My faaaavorite place is called hotcakes, which is a bakery/lunch place with really excellent pumpkin muffins. I got to sit around, do my homework, drink some tea, and people watch. Afterwards I went to Barnes and Noble and bought a big book on memorizing Kanji T-T .... But it was a good date, over all.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Alice and thePirates; Scent of Rapunzel (Reserve)

Scent of Rapunzel reserve went up recently, slated to start on 2/25/2011 Which would be... probably just enough time for me to decide whether I want to go for it or not. Because... AatP is quickly becoming my favorite brand for prints (Mary Magdalene will remain forever stylistically, my favorite). I love fairy tales, and I love fairy tale inspired prints. I passed on Cinderella Jewelry because it was a little too sweet, Scent of Rapunzel, barring the slightly OT name is a nice balance.

It's definitely got it's roots in Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella Jewelry that was released last year. An interesting design twist is the braid running along the bottom, I think it's a really excellent detail.

I'm in love with this JSK design. The side lacing, the ribbons, the cut- it's gorgeous. The only thing that has me wavering about this is the colorway. My top picks would be ivory or black, but in general all the colorways are a little ehh. Something is just a tad off about them.

I do have to say though, the scissor accessories are gorgeous! If I pass on the print itself, I still might have to get the earrings.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, to my Mom!

Here's what the chocolates looked like as a mostly finished product. The toothpick was just so it was easy to coat them, I pulled them out when I packed them XD

Today, Feb 14th is also my Mom's birthday! I went home this weekend and we celebrated with korean birthday soup (Miyeok / Seaweed) and cupcakes! It was really delicious. I got her a real French Crepe Pan :)

I wish I had a birthday on Valentine's, it'd mean regardless of whether I was single or not I could still celebrate, haha. Well, I guess I celebrated anyway what with the chocolate making and giving, but that's just because who doesn't like chocolate??

ALSO, on a semi-whim / I always intended to do this, I got my ears repierced at the tattoo/piercing place pretty much a minute from where I live. The lady was really nice, and I hope that since I did it with a needle instead of a gun like last time, it'll heal without going all gross and not-healed. Wish me luck!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Choco!

Doesn't that look awesome and unhealthy? I don't have real Valentine's day plans, but ever since HS I tried making small gifts or chocolates for my close friends, single or not. Last year I crocheted pink hearts and mailed them, for lack of a real kitchen to work in. This year, luckily with a stove, double boiler, and chocolate on sale at world market, I made Nutella Hazelnut truffles :)

The recipe:
* 1/2 cup whipping cream (unwhipped)
* 2 tablespoons butter
* 1 teaspoon corn syrup (I sub'd butter flavor pancake syrup... which is the same thing essentially)
* 9 ounces semisweet chocolate
* 2 tablespoons nutella chocolate hazelnut spread

I wish I had a melon ball scooper, because I could have made much more... aesthetically pleasing truffles, haha.

Here's the coating (dark chocolate!!) and the crushed hazelnuts (I used a hammer and several plastic bags... blanched hazelnuts are expensive by weight!) and the little pink boxes I packed the truffles in :) For the ones I had to mail anyway. Tomorrow I'll give my housemates truffles, will try to take a proper picture of them. Also I did taste one, and they came out all right! Which is surprising because I'm a bio major, not a chocolatier, haha.

What are you doing on Couples Awareness Day / Valentine's day? Me? Homework.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Jelly? Or just... Cake?

I think the cake boxes from the korean bakery are HILARIOUS. Like, engrish is always good for a laugh, but there's something about the ultra cute and elegant designed cake boxes with random happy words slapped on it.

But the cake was good so no other issues. The reason why I like this place's cake so much is that it's all fresh cream, instead of traditional buttercream. So it's like whipped cream instead of actual frosting. So delicious!

Now I will go fail my cell biology exam tomorrow ;____;

Shout out to Ada and her optical travails, I wish you the best!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Duk buk gi, spicy rendition

The other day it was my turn to make dinner. I tried something new, making Duk buk gi but the spicy version which is actually the norm. If you've ever had a spicy Korean dish, you know the spice burns for a while. That's why in lieu of meat I added hard boiled eggs because eating those helps mitigate the spicey. Unless you duncurr like my housemate hahaha.

Do you like spicy food?
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

R-Series and Dollypoddle (SS) Review

Ready for this? I know I am.