Tuesday, February 1, 2011

R-Series and Dollypoddle (SS) Review

Ready for this? I know I am.

R-Series is a taobao store that sells classic and gothic styles for the most part. I ordered 2 JSKs, as pictured above.
Der Name Der Rose

This is an absolutely gorgeous JSK. The skirt is a like a light suede and the bodice features a rose print. The rose button detailing is my favorite part. Partially shirred in the back, lined inside and trimmed with black (non raschel) lace. The buttons are nonfunctional as it zips up the side.

There are only a couple hiccups, being the typical loose threads that need to be trimmed, and I question the choice of ribbon (?) used for the back corset lacing. It's a much too heavy type of cord. At the very least, easily replaceable.

* The construction of this JSK is really spot on, the only mistake I made when ordering it was ordering the wrong size. I should really double check cm to inches conversions. Dreadful, right? I was really looking forward to this JSK. Well, there's always the comm.

Overall: 4.5/5

Classic Floral JSK

I'm really fond of long style JSKs, I don't know why. There originally was only the red colorway previewed, but there was a sample of the yellow version and I"m glad I picked that over the red. It turned out to just have a much subtler effect.

Fully lined, the fabric is a fine corduroy, which means it'll fit spring, but still keep me warm because it doesn't really get warm here until May. The corset ribbon is also a much more sensible choice.

Being listed as 'freesize' (except only within 82cm-90cm in the bust) I avoided the wrong size predicament.

*It would have been nice if the front bow were detachable, but it was probably easier for them to just sew it on

Overall: 4.75/5

I used lj user Dollypoddle as my SS and she was just really wonderful as far as customer service went. However, I did learn not to ever place a Taobao order pretty much after the month of October, because things get really slow all the way up to Feb, after Chinese New Year.

The packaging, as shown, could have been better. I'm used to getting boxes from taobaonow, but I also used to have pay about 2x the shipping dollypoddle charged. You get what you pay for, basically, but despite the slightly ghetto arrival, it was wrapped in a way that ensured it was waterproof. However, shipping costs aside, the service charges, etc would have come out to about the same for either service.

Overall: 4/5, as it was a good experience, but I'll probably go back to TBN


  1. oooo the floral JSK looks so darling @_@

  2. Those dresses look amazing! I might have to check them out. I need a new dress!

  3. GORGEOUS ! You have great taste, and the colors you chose are ace. Thanks for the review :) I used TaoBaoSpree last time, but maybe I'll try TBN!

  4. Those dresses are gorgeous! Thanks for the review.

  5. I wanted to order to Rseries too! I'm glad to see the pieces are nice ♥

    Thank you for sharing n.n

  6. My only question for the rose dress is; Is the yellow a true yellow or is it more green?

  7. Love both the jsks! Especially the first one <3 Totally going to look into that.

  8. Ah, I was thinking of ordering that JSK from R-Series, too~ If you don't mind me asking, when are you thinking of putting it up on the comm, and what size is it? It looks absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Thanks for the review! I've been just thinking about buying some things from taobao.

  10. @Milktan It's a true yellow, my camera setting has the weird greenish effect. It's very close to the sample fabric swatch.

    @Rachel I was going to put it up either tomorrow or friday, whenever I get a chance. It's a size small, meant to fit these sizes: Bust:84cm, Waist:64cm

  11. blog walking.. oh wow.. both of the dress look so nice.. *O*

  12. Thanks for the review! I've been partial towards long skirts and JSK lately. Shame the first one didn't go as expected :<

    Glad to hear your experience with dollypoodle went well too.