Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sacred Night by Lief Review

My first lolita arrival of 2011, Lief's Sacred Night in black, showed up today! (Meanwhile, my 2 other R series JSKs are on their way... but that's not what this is about)

First off, I got the black JSK in S/M.
  • The velvet is very soft
  • Lined about halfway down
  • Straps are spaced correctly
  • Includes waist tie and detachable bow with pin
  • The print is a very tasteful gold, not crazy glittery, but shows up crisp
  • The zipper is a little uncooperative going up.
  • I'm 5'5" (165cm) tall and it falls halfway between my knees and my ankle I'd say.
  • Official Measurements: bust: 86~96cm; I am only 84cm, but the shirring isn't bulky
Customer Service:
  • Invoiced with no issues
  • No notice of shipping, albeit that is standard procedure for Lief (I ordered the Aster Cafe before).
  • English rep is very considerate, informative, and accommodating (I switched my colorway after they notified us the colors became solid)
Detail Shots:

Overall: Lief is my favorite indie brand and I'm pretty glad I passed up the Regimental series for Sacred night. It's really warm too, naturally as the whole thing is velvet.


  1. Very nice. Looks Ukrainian or something.

  2. It does have quite a nice little flare to it!

  3. Ooooooo soooo gorgeeoussss *_*

  4. I like that design on the skirt.

  5. Lovely Lief piece! It's a bit too long for my tastes, but I love velvet with gold printings <3

  6. Ohh, beautiful! Frankly I love velvet dresses for the winter~
    The print is absolutely gorgeous on this too! Love the black and gold~ Congrats on getting it~

  7. I'm so jelly ;-; I love the length and the print and the beautifulnesssssss. It seems a lot better in construction compared to their older releases, which is great. I wish the long JSK could be short enough for me to wear... "orz

  8. >.< I'm gonna sound like a newbie but where can I get this?? Its perfect! I love the color and print, not to mention the length (religious issues)


  9. @Amadeth13 You might want to keep an eye out on

    or the lief lj

  10. I think they did a better job with this than with Regimental Stripes in terms of construction. I just got mine yesterday and I'm still fawning over it. I got the beige x black one but I totally adore the gold on yours!

  11. This dress is really stunning ... Do you know if it's still possible to order ? I don't know what's the price, where i can buy or other :s