Saturday, August 21, 2010

St. Mephisto Cathedrale Print

So this reserve is long gone, but that doesn't mean we can't wish it weren't. I've been really busy in between my move and becoming a mad interior decorator (not a very good one mind) but Baby's / AatP cathedral print is something I wanted to post about. In the black OP, with a all over pattern cross motif, it comes across as a very sweetxgothic print. Other brands have done cathdrals, perhaps most famously Moitie.

But if one isn't quite gothic enough to wear Moitie, Baby's take on it is a nice, softer alternative. The design itself is balanced out with book and musical score motifs. I have to admit the iris colorway is very striking, and unsurprisingly completely sold out. It's a more mature take on lavender colorways in sweet lolita, creating a more jewel tone hue than pastel. It also complements the color of the print. In ivory, the print disappears and the pink is a little too harsh. Definitely black and iris will be the most popular colorways.

In a perfect world I would have... the iris JSK, despite not having anything in that tone in my wardrobe.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Twinkle Journey Print (Metamorphose)

Let's talk about prints, shall we? While I was away it looked like some major brands put out some new reserves. First up is Twinkle Journey from their Autumn Collection

As you can see it features Unicorns, swans, stars, and the fabric is apparently textured too. I feel like this will be an incredibly popular meta print, if only because lolitas have been wanting a unicorn print for a while now. The colorways are interesting too, featuring a standard black, a navy, and a bordeaux. A sweet print in gothic/sweet colorways, I'd say.

And Meta never lacks in variety, featuring 1 OP style, and 3 jsk styles, one with corset lacing and a shirred back, one fully shirred, and one half shirred. Interesting to note that the half shirred only features the print in the middle, that reminds me of the Btssb Marie Antoinette OP cut.

At any rate, this is a great print. The stark white on black and purple is reminiscent of swan lake, but takes different influences. It reminded me a lot of Disney's Fantasia (the original).

In a perfect world I'd have...... the bustle back pinafore JSK in navy (pictured above)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Otakon Picture Post!

Otakon Exhaustion

This is sort of a place holder for the lolita related Otakon pictures that I'll put up as soon as I have internet again in my house (;_;) Meanwhile, I can blabber on about it because it was an incredibly fun weekend~ I went with a pretty big group, which just meant we got split up a lot D| There was Tim, Julian and Tilani, Shane and Amber (shamber), Ivan, matt, matt's oniichan (seriously we never got his name... we just called him Oniichan), Hugo and Jama...

and I was the only lolita.

Every year I go to otakon with different people, so it's always a different experience. I've cosplayed, I've been in plain clothes, and this year (my 4th!) I was in lolita. But between the American Designer Fashion show and the swap meet I saw so many amazing lolitas! D| Unfortunately I was too spaced out / shy to even get a name... orz ... But they were all gorgeous~ Especially the sweet and OTT sweet and deco girls... I really admire their style, despite not being able to wear it @-@ The fashion show was a lot of fun too :D I met some cool people.

And now it's august! In the coming weeks I'll be preparing to move but here's a list of things to write about:
-new meta unicorn print
-new btssb reserves
-bpnxkuroshitsuji collab
-dream of a midsummer's night skirt (I finally got it when I got back from Otakon. Good timing baby >__>; )