Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Otakon Exhaustion

This is sort of a place holder for the lolita related Otakon pictures that I'll put up as soon as I have internet again in my house (;_;) Meanwhile, I can blabber on about it because it was an incredibly fun weekend~ I went with a pretty big group, which just meant we got split up a lot D| There was Tim, Julian and Tilani, Shane and Amber (shamber), Ivan, matt, matt's oniichan (seriously we never got his name... we just called him Oniichan), Hugo and Jama...

and I was the only lolita.

Every year I go to otakon with different people, so it's always a different experience. I've cosplayed, I've been in plain clothes, and this year (my 4th!) I was in lolita. But between the American Designer Fashion show and the swap meet I saw so many amazing lolitas! D| Unfortunately I was too spaced out / shy to even get a name... orz ... But they were all gorgeous~ Especially the sweet and OTT sweet and deco girls... I really admire their style, despite not being able to wear it @-@ The fashion show was a lot of fun too :D I met some cool people.

And now it's august! In the coming weeks I'll be preparing to move but here's a list of things to write about:
-new meta unicorn print
-new btssb reserves
-bpnxkuroshitsuji collab
-dream of a midsummer's night skirt (I finally got it when I got back from Otakon. Good timing baby >__>; )

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