Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, to my Mom!

Here's what the chocolates looked like as a mostly finished product. The toothpick was just so it was easy to coat them, I pulled them out when I packed them XD

Today, Feb 14th is also my Mom's birthday! I went home this weekend and we celebrated with korean birthday soup (Miyeok / Seaweed) and cupcakes! It was really delicious. I got her a real French Crepe Pan :)

I wish I had a birthday on Valentine's, it'd mean regardless of whether I was single or not I could still celebrate, haha. Well, I guess I celebrated anyway what with the chocolate making and giving, but that's just because who doesn't like chocolate??

ALSO, on a semi-whim / I always intended to do this, I got my ears repierced at the tattoo/piercing place pretty much a minute from where I live. The lady was really nice, and I hope that since I did it with a needle instead of a gun like last time, it'll heal without going all gross and not-healed. Wish me luck!


  1. aaw, happy birthday to your mom! The food looks delicious as always! It was pretty awesome of you to give a great gift to your mom. Crepes sound really good right now...

  2. I don't like chocolate lol But the chocolate you made looks delicious! Anyway! Awesome! One of my closest friends also has their birthday on Valentine's Day.

    As for piercing your ear, yeah I should do the same. When I got my secondary ear piercings (I have 2 on each ear now), I used those "at home" piercing guns. They turned out alright, but they have a weird way sealing up all weird :\

  3. Piercing with a needle is cleaner, and safer. With a gun the stud tears your skin, not only that, the studs are made with some very cheap materials, and the operator is usually not knowledgeable on how to properly use the gun. I had the same issues with my piercings, and it got so bad I let them close up on their own.

    I'm sure you've gotten your ears pierced already, but good luck anyways with the aftercare!

  4. Yeah, needles are much better. I had one of my piercings done with a gun. It was disgusting. It bled for months, and I still feel pain sometimes (it was pierced seven years ago).