Monday, February 7, 2011

Duk buk gi, spicy rendition

The other day it was my turn to make dinner. I tried something new, making Duk buk gi but the spicy version which is actually the norm. If you've ever had a spicy Korean dish, you know the spice burns for a while. That's why in lieu of meat I added hard boiled eggs because eating those helps mitigate the spicey. Unless you duncurr like my housemate hahaha.

Do you like spicy food?
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  1. Whoa, what is that cylinder stuff? The eggs? Either way, it looks really cool and delicious. Too spicy for me though XD I'm a wimp when it comes to spicy food.

  2. I used to hate spicy food until I got into college and had to start cooking for myself. I love curries and anything with a nice, complex flavor with a little bit of heat to make it more dramatic!

  3. @Butters the cylinders are the "korean rice cake/noodle" esque... stuff. The korean equivalent to mochi, but very varied.

    it's super delicious!

  4. I love spicy food to an extent. It burns so good until it... doesn't burn so good. With that said, I'm slowly but surely building resistance up to some hardcore shit.

    Your dinner looks fantastic btw!

  5. noodle tubes?! :o

    I also can't tolerate food that's too spicy. This is very sad, because my white boyfriend loves some spicy hot wings, and those made me cry after the third wing. /bad asian