Thursday, June 17, 2010

Honey Picnic (Metamorphose)

As you can see, this is a beary sweet print from Meta. You can view them all here. One of the cool things I like about Meta is that they release a print and then a nice variety of OPs and JSKs (and a basic skirt).

But that does unfortunately mean sometimes there ends up being three out of four designs you want or only one- or none- of the designs that really appeal to you. For example while I think the OP design is nice, I am not digging either of the JSK designs. There is also a very strong AP influence, which is not strange for Meta, but they have a history of some very lovely esoteric prints. Here the colors look just a little too saturated, the print just a little too saccharine- of course, if you like OTT sweet that's a non issue. But I would have liked a neutral colorway, in offwhite or cream. Even light yellow! I suppose 'pale green' has to suffice.

Close up of the pale green colorway. I have to admit it is a cute design, the bears are so adorable and I love pancakes. Despite throwing in a hodgepodge of motifs (stuffed animals, bows, food, musical instruments) it's not unbearably busy- but the colors!

Then again, it is summer so that means I can bearly wait for the Lucky Pack announcements, along with everyone else it seems.

PS: I apologize for the beary bad puns.
In a perfect world I would have:
the OP in lavender (or a nonexistant cream)

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  1. I agree with a cream colour way! I think it would be incredibly cute.