Sunday, July 4, 2010

Leatitia・Raseine jumper skirt and others (BTSSB)

Let's talk about Baby, baby. A couple days ago a new jumperskirt went up as the new item on Baby's website, the Leatitia・Raseine jumper skirt There's a milk tea beige, mint, and pink colorway.

I do like the delicacy of the print, featuring roses and rose lace trim. It has a three tier skirt, a corseted back, and a faux halter strap (in that there are shoulder straps as well). Baby seems to be taking a little different direction, this subdued sweet is actually growing on me.

Another new JSK line is the Cyndrina Rossa, featuring the same fabric used in a new moite dress. It has the same straps and halter combo, but a shirred front for more size flexibility. This line has an ivory, pink and black colorway. If the Leatitia is a classic inspired sweet, I would say the Cyndrina is gothic inspired sweet, if only because the fabric is shared by the Moitie brand of EGL fame.

A good match for the Cyndrina Rossa would be these Papion ribbon head bow, a new OTT esque headbow design from Baby. It has lots of extra lace and that pointed satin trimming. I'm actually curious to see what it would look like on an actual person.
In a perfect world, I would have... the Cyndrina Rossa JSK in black

Happy Independence Day, to Americans

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