Friday, July 2, 2010

Innocent World Antique Book Series (Reserve)

Innocent World has a new reservation print series, Antique Book. Ohmygosh, my first dream dress is the violin print from IW and this is now my second (following my two big loves- violin and books). Cliched, I know. For Antique book there is a bordeaux and a blue version, essentially the color of the trims.
While I'm really in love with the cut and the color, the buttons are kind of... awkward? I like the long blue dress, but the skirt is also adorable. I love the bow in the back. In the natural light it looks like cream, but with the stock photos it looks like the design is almost green.

But the real winner of this new print has got to be the book bag. Wow, what I would give for this! I would have preferred it was oriented sideways, like most book shaped bags are, but that makes it unique. Gosh, I am just so in love with this IW line. Well, one more item for the dream list.
In a perfect world I would have... the antique book skirt and bag (ノ>w<)ノ ┻━┻

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