Saturday, December 4, 2010

(W)International Lolita Day 2010

Celebrated my first winter ILD by dressing up~ Rundown:
Skirt: Baby
Blouse: Yolanda
Socks: Innocent World
Hairpiece: Handmade by someone else

Pretty basic, I love this skirt to death and really should wear it out more. For lack of company as well as an excess of finals coming up, I went by myself to my favorite bakery/cafe/lunch place, Hot Cakes, and got a quiche and early grey and studied for my Japanese final this Monday. It was quite nice. Also, this morning before I got dolled up I cleaned the whole apartment with my housemates. Our floor was getting really grody, so it was definitely much needed. In addition I abhor showing a messy room in pictures, so I knew I had to clean up ;D

Make up shot. Make up is really the bane of my existence. I have to practice contouring more (getting a good brush would be a nice start) and I'm cursed with hidden monolids... meaning that most of the time, eyemake up just kind of disappears when I have my eyes open, hence the closed eye shot. I'm not big on falsies and I didn't even put on mascara because I find with my uncurlable eyelashes (this list of grievances is getting really long) the mascara just ends up on my face and its generally unpleasant.

But I tried! And I'll get better, in time. In the meantime, does anyone have any links for people with really asian eyes (ie me?) It's been killing me, but I won't resort to eyelid tape/glue/surgery.

Lolitas, what did you do (if anything) for ILD?


  1. I love that skirt! It's one of my favorite prints too.
    I mostly just dressed up and spent the day at home. That's more than I could do last time, though...

  2. I'm still sick so I've been wearing the same sweater for the past week ;~; but you look gorgeous! The headpiece is really nice with the skirt~

    I always thought it'd be easier to put make-up on super Asian monolids because it's like a nice flat surface or something... XD I'm really dumb when it comes to make-up. Please do a make-up post sometime!

  3. There's a girl with monolids at my work who just extends the color a bit further up :D

  4. You looked very cute! I love that skirt so much. That series was just gorgeous.

    .. and I cleaned my bathroom yesterday. No dressing up for me.

  5. That skirt suits you so well. I remember seeing one of your coords on d_l where you looked awesome with it as well.

    You could probably look up some Asian eye makeup tutorials. Not so much the ones from those Japanese magazines because they rely on the double eyelids >.<

    I did do anything for Loliday apart from stay home and play video games. I didn't even know until I saw all these blog posts pop up, lol.

  6. i love the skirt and you should try youtube for makeup tutorials. that's how i learn how to do my make up lol

  7. You look so cute! I'm lame and did nothing for loli day.

  8. Ah I like your white coordination so much! I hope to incorporate white as a basis for an outfit one day.

    As for ILD, I blogged about it so tl;dr : went to see Tangled with the local lolitas, had dinner with them, and toured the mall.

    I passed out handwritten thank you cards along with fancily wrapped homemade cupcakes.