Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Food Post!

Just some quick snaps, since I was out of town for the holiday, we had our official Christmas Dinner last night. Doesn't that look good? Luckily I can't take credit for it (because I would wreck it... I'm really bad at cooking meat :|)

Me just being really derpy. In the first pic, it looks so small right? That thing is the size of my head = w=;;;; And it was very tasty.

Stay warm / cool / safe, everyone!


  1. That looks like it came out of the Food Network, it seriously looks legit!

  2. Hungry again now! ;3
    And happy new year 2011 to you ^^v

  3. lol, I was indeed thinking it looked tiny in the first pic. It looks yummy! (I always say that when I see the food pics in your blog, lol). You look cute btw XD

    Hope you're enjoying your break!