Friday, December 3, 2010

Innocent World Beatrice Reserve

New up on IW's reserve page is the "Beatrice" series... That sound, kind of like a dull thud, was my jaw hitting the floor. It's like a gothic print with a classic color scheme, and I'm absolutely dying over it. There's a skirt, JSK, and long JSK version of it.

There's a second, nerdier impetus for how much I want this dress, stemming from the name perhaps. From the Beatrice archetype in history, including Dante's Inferno, to stranger, modern incarnations of the name, like The Golden Witch Beatrice, it's a name that I admire and adore.

Also check out how GORGEOUS these socks are. I'm generally a proponent of solid color socks or tights, but these are just too pretty.

Since I said I'd hold off on Lolita for the rest of the year (and failed miserably, see incoming winter JSKs from R-series) I'll wait until the pieces show up in the store itself, probably mid January. Hopefully, I will be working again too that month so I don't feel as bad.

But please, don't let it sell out on reserve! D: Lolitas, want to weigh in on how popular this series might be?

Damn you Innocent World, holding my heart (and wallet) in your clutches.


  1. They look like the socks being worn by Lysistrata here.

  2. Aaah it's so beautiful... there's a bit more negative space than I would have liked though haha.

  3. Don't forget Lemony Snicket's Beatrice :P

  4. I LOVE this series. I love it enough to forgive IW for the typo. I wasn't going to buy any lolita until the end of the year either but someone owes me a fair bit of money so I may spend that repayment on the JSK. HNNNNGH! And those socks!

  5. Rhis is so totally... I don't know what. I'm not into this at all.