Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chesnut Curls Wig Review

I ordered a "Chestnut Curls Long Wig" from Ramen Stand shop on livejournal. It operates on a rolling group order, meaning that when the quota fills up, they make an order for the wig. I got mine a couple weeks ago, but it was mailed to my parent's home so I only got it today when I got back for the winter holiday.

Here's the color under natural (albeit it was overcast) light. It's a much darker color than I anticipated, just about a shade lighter than my hair right now. However, this turned out to be a good thing because I had the sinking realization that I would probably look really bad in a light brown, given my skin tone (;_;)

Here's what it looks like worn. Crappy mirror/phone combo, but you get the idea. The curls are less full than the picture (which I also expected, because that picture is an ad for Gabalnara, which this wig is not) but the fibers were soft and I don't think I'll have to do a lot of work trimming the swept bangs.

I really wanted a long curly wig because I don't think I could curl my natural hair on a regular basis, especially if it ever grew out that long, OR deal with it if it was permed. That's really the true convenience of wigs, and now I'm more tempted than ever to give my real hair the chop. Maybe after I collect a few more wigs, haha.

Price: 4.5/5 - I paid 33USD+shipping, which for a new kanekalon wig is not bad. The quality is better than ebay, and the price difference is about even.
Quality: 4/5 - I'm please with the overall quality of the wig, soft fibers, not a shiny mess, holds the curl, and for the price, not a bad deal
Accuracy: 1/5 I decided that this would be better as a separate category. The stock picture is really not the wig at all. I went with it because I assumed that the picture would be "something like the wig", based on the fact that the picture was from gabalnara. And while it is indeed "something like the wig" (long, curly), it is NOT the same thing, and people who thought they were getting the stock picture would be sorely disappointed.
Communication: 4/5 - very quick communication, except for the fact it was sent to the address attached to my paypal, when I had previously sent an email asking it to be sent to my apartment. No harm done, but it would have been nice if that request were remembered.
Overall: Maybe a few months down the road I'll get another one from this shop, if they have any cute short styles. In the meantime, I'll keep contemplating what to do with my own hair, lol. Also, I'm not even sure when I'll wear this, but maybe on the first day of classes next semester?

Lolitas and fashionable people, do you own any wigs? Do you wear them often? Or rarely?


  1. It looks good! I wish I knew good wig stores online besides taobao, I don't feel like waiting a month for wigs. I don't have any fashionable wigs D:

  2. IDK I think the wig looks so different from the stock photo :(

    I have a couple of wigs, and I only wear them to parties and stuff because they are really huge on my head xD

  3. I think the wig is looking pretty good! Not a bad price either. I'm sure you can further style it if you felt like it XD

    I've got 3 wigs, all from Gabalnara. They're pretty amazing but like all wigs, need a bit of maintenance. I need to buy some wig spray >.< I wear them mostly when I wear lolita which is once every 1-2 weeks.

  4. Pretty wig. ^^ I've wished I could wear wigs occasionally, but my hair is so long and thick I'm not sure it would fit! XD

  5. That wig looks ... nothing like the stock photo. D:

    I'm glad that you're happy with it in spite of the differences, though!

  6. I know it looks nothing like the stock photo...but it is such a nice wig :)

  7. I have a bunch of wigs, but they're all for cosplay. Some of them are natural colours and styles, though.

    Even though this wig looks nice, I can understand how you'd be disappointed by the difference. In the stock photo, it looks like the curls were brushed out and it was layered a bit more.

  8. That's a pretty wig! I have been wanting another wig to style since my hair is too short to do anything cute with.