Friday, December 31, 2010

NYE Resolution Post

Cliche, I know, but I just wanted to make a list of resolutions for 2011, that I can hopefully start working on right away!

o Start doing regular cardio and lifting again once I get back to school
o Make the most out of the spring semester
o Get a job/internship/some summer plan that does not involve my current job, because I think I've outgrown it
o Learn to cook more diverse foods
o Learn to do my makeup better

We'll see how it goes, eh? My NYE is going to be a busy one, just about to head off to noraebang / karaoke with friends, and then a party that will be mostly confetti, silly string, balloons, and a 'party canon'.

What are you doing to kick off 2011?


  1. Good luck on your resolutions! The job/internship one sounds pretty hard. The exercising one might be the hardest one to stick to though XD

    Have fun karaoke-ing!

  2. I hope the resolutions work for you!

  3. I gave up on resolutions since I seem to fail them a lot, but if I set myself some short-term goals I tend to accomplish them :P

    Good luck!

  4. Those look like some very doable resolutions! I'm sure you'll be able to tick them off by the end of this year! I can't say I'm one to come up with resolutions myself though XD