Friday, November 12, 2010

Siren's Call

My resident cook (talented housemate) is gone this weekend, so I had to bear the culinary torch. The result? Savory Duk Buk Ki, korean street fare, essentially. Stir fry of soft rice cake (Duk) and oyster mushrooms, onions, carrots, and green onions with a sesame oil / soy sauce / sugar base. Oh and beef. I'm pretty glad the beef turned out well because it was a pot roast cut I had to butcher some extra. But everyone enjoyed it, so I consider it a success! ... One of the very few I've had this week.

I had a pretty rough week between a lot of personal and school issues. And I get to close my friday with a campus wide siren test that has been going on since 9am. Intermittently the sirens would go off and then stop, with a recorded voice repeating "This was test of the blah blah alarm system". While I appreciate my school's attention to safety, its given me this huge headache.

I'm determined to have a really productive weekend. Here's what I'd like to get done by 11:59 Sunday night. I'll update it then to see where I got.

[ ] Draft of Lit paper (5 pages)
[ ] Draft of Story for CW (10 pages)
[ ] All my japanese homework (???)
[ ] read chapter 11 of genetics and do wednesday's homework

... that's just an academic to do list, I have a pile of stuff to do around the apartment. Plus my resident chef is away this weekend so the boys will have to suffer my cooking. That will be an interesting post, I bet.


  1. Oh my gosh duk buk ki is so good! I used to live in Korea and eat it during the winter. Good luck getting all your work done!

  2. Whoa that looks sooo delicious *-*

    I see the story you were talking about! Good look with it, and all of your work X) I hope your week gets better!

  3. yummmmmmm i made lamb stew last night, but this looks even better!

  4. Oh that looks great! I've had duk alone and it was fun to eat :D, but I should try my hand at making this dish!

  5. That looks delicious :o I miss stir fry so much! My mom used to make a really awesome oyster sauce stir fry with leftovers, it was yummy :D

  6. That dish looks delicious! :D

    Good luck with your productive weekend!

  7. Oh, sirens. I live 3 doors away from a fire station. Good for insurance, bad for sleeping when I first moved in. I'm pretty much used to it now, though.

  8. Oh my gosh that looks delicious!!!!

    Also, there is quite a bit on your to do list; you wont be able to slack at all!

  9. Wow, that looks very yummy! If you're strapped for time, maybe you can cook something easy like stew or pasta XD

    Good luck with getting everything done!

  10. Yummy! ^-^
    Good luck with all the stuffs to do, so much! x3