Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Teenage girl spotted running down to bus stop with toast in her mouth, news at 11.

For almost my entire life I managed to eat breakfast before I left the house. All the times I've seen some character run late, go out the door with bread clamped between their teeth, I thought, "Hey if they just got up earlier they would be able to eat at home. Plus you get crumbs all over yourself" and happily tucked in to breakfast.

Well, today with 3 minutes till the bus arrived and my breakfast sitting on a plate, I bit the bullet (or bread...) and rushed out, probably looking like a complete fool. But at least I got breakfast, right?

It gets better- bus pulls up, I've got a quarter bit of bread left, sit down feeling pleased, if not a little self conscious and I heard the dreaded words-

'We've got 6 minutes here'


MLIAAA (my life is average/anime/awesome)

Bonus Round

I posted these to my tumblr the other day for funsies, I was just messing around with my hair and stuff. I love that over head braid style, and now my real hair is -finally- long enough to pull it off. The dress is Mary Magdalene (I swear, if I could marry a brand I'd be down on one knee as we speak) and the tights are 'sweater tights' from target... it's getting chilly guys and none of my housemates apparently need heat.


  1. So cute! And breakfast is very important! I used to take my breakfast with me out the door to class too!

  2. I love the dress! :D

    Also..."sweater tights"...I have sweater leggings, but now these just sound even better, especially with this cold weather!

  3. I should be eating breakfast but I decided to spend my time on the internet instead. Oh well!

  4. LOL niiiice, whenever I tried going out with a piece of bread in my mouth, the bread always rips off the corner and falls :\ or, I'll finish it while I'm driving...

    Your outfit is gorgeous, total dress envy!

  5. Haha I think that is totally adorable, rushing breakfast loli is the best ^___^

    Your outfit is gorgeous too :)

  6. I'm so jealous T_T I can never fit into MM!

    Sometimes I put a bagel in my mouth to eat while walking to school, but if I'm late I have to run and eating while running just gives me stitches :/

  7. is it gay if I find that hot? (I don't btw)

  8. That's a great color on you. The hair is very cute too, I can't manage anything like that on my own, I'm absolutely hopeless when it comes to styling.

  9. I liked your blog - greetings from Brazil