Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cute Animal Objects

In the spirit of winterizing my room, I picked up a humidifier because it gets really dry :( It's also shaped like a super cute frog. Also I think the high today was 46F... the lowest of the season, yay! There's hope for snow yet.

As just an add on for a lolita related topic, I almost or never wear a petticoat with my lolita skirts when I wear them for classes or school, out of practicality. A lot of the seats in the auditorium or classroom are pretty small and increasing my volume will just get in the way of me and other people. While its an acceptable excuse, I still feel kind of ehhh. I love getting wear out of my skirts, but the poof man. The poof.


  1. That's cute! Yeah I can't imagine trying to stuff a petticoat into the small seats and under the folding desks.

  2. Duck and frog :DDD Lol, I just imagined our humidifiers going on playdates!

    The depoofing for class is very sensible, I used to do that too when I wore lolit a:D

  3. i have that frog too! I should start using it too...i get so dry throated at night these days.

  4. Wow, cute AND useful XD

    Going petti-commando is totally understandable, but I get what you mean by feeling "eeh", it's just not the same without t3h poof XD