Sunday, October 17, 2010

Unintentional visual pun: Aster Cafe and Doctor Who

I wasn't feeling so hot today so... I decided to cheer myself up with wearing some pretty clothes. This is my favorite Lief print to date. It has a very classic feel, but very intricate at the same time. It plays up a unique theme too, instead of the usual fare of delicious food or cute animals (not that there is anything wrong with either)

I used the detachable bow from the skirt as a makeshift bowtie, in honor of Matt Smith, my favorite incarnation of The Doctor. Yep, super nerd.

Skirt: Indie: Lief
Blouse: Offbrand (Yolanda)
Bag: Innocent World
Everything else: Offbrand


  1. Thank you for following my blog! This coordinate looks fab on you. I'd love to get that skirt in the green colorway.

  2. I wish there was more yellow in lolita. Especially the creamy, classy yellow of your skirt. You coordinated it very well :)

  3. I love your coord! So Cute, and Dr.Who ♥

  4. Ahh, lovely coord! Your blog looks interesting, I'll be following you :)

  5. You and your coordinate are so adorable!

  6. That's such a beautiful blouse!! Also I have seen those bags before, I've always wanted one.