Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Skin care!

Skincare is really important and as winter approaches, for those who are affected by the dryness and the cold (like me) there are minor changes to my care habits. I'll just go through my basic routine if anyone wants to post the same I really encourage it :D Everyone is different and I think its really interesting how people's skincare regimens differ. So please, indulge me!

Preface: I have oily/combination skin which is really tricky to care for because I have zones that will break out with too much moisture, and areas that are super dry. So every day is a challenge in balancing everything out. That said, these are all just personal endorsements for products I've been using for a while and have been happy with.


There are two brands I really gun for as far as skincare/personal hygiene goes. DHC is one.

I use their olive soap (pictured at the top) and the Cleansing Foam on alternating days. It's suitable for every type of skin. I love DHC because many of their products are very mild and when I was younger, I had very sensitive skin and DHC was one of the only facial soaps that worked and didn't irritate my face.

The other brand I'm in love with is Lush. Their Breath of Fresh Air Toner really helps keep my skin soft. Plus it smells like a light sea breeze!


My Acerola Cream by DHC which I rescued from the post office today was the inspiration for my post. Suitable for oily type skin (me, though in reality I am combination) and normal type, it's my new winter moisturizer.

Adore DHC's lip cream, basic, non scented or tinted, just long lasting moisture without being greasy or sticky
Bonus Round:

I use Lush's Ocean salt scrub about once a week. The top layer is sea salt crystals and you mix the jar up to get a thick, lemon juice and vodka scrub with avacado butter. Also makes me hungry.

Damage Taken!
I still get acne. It's a bitch, but not much I can do about it. I treat it with DHC's
Acne Spot Therapy and Lush's Grease Lightning when it's not too bad. This was a bigger problem over the summer where I just had some of the worst break out weeks of my life

How do you care for your face?


  1. Dang, I don't think I could go through all of that everyday. I mean it's hard enough for me to make sure I take all my meds and vitamins everyday. I know keeping my skin healthy is important, but I'm just too lazy for that. :P

  2. Oooh! My mom just got a samples magazine from them! I'll ask her to order some :)

  3. Dammit we need moar Lush in America!

  4. My skin care regimen revolves around my eyes and keeping acne away. My skin is usually always glowing and soft so moisturizers are overkill.

    For acne I alternate with Stridex pads and Clearasil Vanishing cream.

    For eyes I am currently alternating between Burt's Bees eye creme and Roc Retinol Eye Cream

  5. Oh god, I read "areola cream" and immediately went "wut" hahaha!

  6. LOLOL @ Ada- I read "areola cream" too!! XD

  7. My daily routine is pretty simple. Wash with regular soap, every once in a while use oil of olay toner. I really wish I knew what to do to get rid of the bags under my eyes, though. :(

  8. I need that Ocean Salt! I absolutely swear by Lush. They are fantastic! I have dry skin and I use their moisturiser, which works wonders! Kept me good throughout the winter :D


  10. (only just now read the other comments)

  11. I have been unable to find a good skin care routine actually ^^; It is probably my own fault for being too stingy to buy products... I would like to try to start caring for my skin though!

    Right now I use Mentholatum anti-acne whitening cleanser, Garnier eye roller, and wash my face with a washcloth :D

  12. I have dry skin, but that Acerola Cream looks good XD I think I'm going to try out that Ocean Salt/vodka/avocado butter mix, it sounds really awesome!

  13. I use a St. Ives apricot scrub every day, along with some proactive because I've had some recent trouble with breakouts, which is fortunately going away again. Though, I might look into that ocean salt mixture, it looks really awesome ( also seems a strange, strange way. )