Saturday, October 30, 2010

Farmer's Market Outing

Today was my outing with my friend to the city farmer's market. Opens from 6am to noon, though starting next week it'll be 8am to 2pm. They have so much excellent fresh produce as you can see.

Click the jump for more pictures :D

so I put together a coord( as seen on D_L) ... and then had to bundle up right on top of it because it was so cold. I wore leather gloves and a hat too, since the market is outdoors.

Dahlias! I always get one from this place. I'll post pics of my new girl later this week~ The owner is a man who grows only different varieties of dahlias, but they all look so different. It's absolutely wild.

It's an outdoor market, set up in a big empty parking lot by the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville. You definitely have to get there before 10:30 to get some of the stuff that sells out quickly, like the Farmer's milk bread. But there are always donuts, and they are delicious.

delicious apples. I always get some from this orchard, but this was their last week. Noooo j 3j Normally I'm allergic to apples from grocery stores, because of how long they've been off the branch. But I can eat the orchard apples without a problem, and when I buy some I just have to finish them in the next 3 days.

Creepy pumpkin. Speaking of which, we bought a pumpkin for carving. Got to do that tonight.

More yummy veggies.

This jewelry table always has so many gorgeous rings and necklaces, with cameo and floral themes. Honestly they are perfect for lolita. One weekend (maybe next) I'll actually get a ring or something. Meanwhile I'll just keep drooling, haha.

Good thing I got these pics because this was the last farmer's market for a lot of the shops (some will go on until dec. But probably not the flower sellers :() But I think the people selling meat, jam, knitted items, and hot food will still be there. At least I hope so because I intend to go every week until it's over!


  1. Very cool! There's a couple of really neat markets near me as well, but they're mostly downtown and a bit of a hassle to get to, so I don't go as often as I'd like. As for supermarket apples, it may not be the time that they've been off the branch that bothers you, but the stuff that they spray them with to "ripen" the apples in transit. Most of them are picked early so that they're tougher and hold up to commercial shipping better.

  2. I love farmer's markets. There's a weekly one like five blocks from my house with THE MOST DELICIOUS BREAD.

  3. My local farmer's market has the most delicious blood orange lemonade (Or would it be orangeade?)

  4. omg those riiiiiiiiings....want soooo bad <3

  5. You look so cosy and picnic-appropriate :3

    And this reminds me of the farmer's market in VA...I had my first fresh jar of apple butter and a real honeycomb!

  6. The fresh veggies and fruits are always so tempting at the markets.

    I saw your D_L post earlier today. You look so cute and cosy! XD

    Btw, you'll have to show us a picture of your pumpkin :D

  7. Your photos are great, the fruits/veggies look so... vibrant and real @_@ except for the weird pumpkin, it looks like it was overtaken by barnacles D:

    I love your outfit too!