Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Achievement, of sorts

Sorry for the extra derpy / awk post expression... Normally I take a nice (relatively) picture before I go out, but today I had to leave the batteries charging in the camera to do so. Anyway! Sunday lolita, which was nice. Made extra nice by the fact I got to wear one of my dream dresses out. It was also my first 'dream dress', but strangely the last one to be acquired. I had three in total:

x Baby's Little Red Riding Hood OP
x Mary Magdalene's St. Claire OP
x Innocent World's Violin JSK

With a lot of patience and a bit of luck, I now have all three. It was pretty fortunate they were not incredibly rare or expensive, I do feel for people whose dream dresses are say, Moitie's Iron Gate or AP's Puppet Circus. But to each to their own, I say.

What is your dream dress(es)?


  1. Cute and casual!

    And sadly my dream dress is the black halter Wonder Party JSK. It's not THAT rare but it's out of my price range ;_;

  2. Congrats on getting all your dream dresses :D That must feel awesome! Really like the outfit too =3

    My dream dresses is Dance of the Black Cat JSK in black from AatP, The Circus print black JSK from AatP and Macaron Tartan Riders JSK in sax and pink from AP XD I hope to be able to get them sometime.

  3. Cuuuuuute! I saw your post on d_l, always fab :3

    I think my main dream dress would be IW's bookprint jsk (can't remember the exact name right now), but the long version might be too long for me, although it's the prettier of the two. Another notable one would be ETC's Gentleman JSK.

  4. Congratulations, getting a dream dress is one of the nicest feelings in lolita. ^_^; I really like that iw violin jsk too.

    My first dream dress was the Iron Gate print op with the white print. It took me years to find one and i was lucky enough to find it when the euro was a lot stronger than the $ which makde it affordable but still way over the retail original price.
    My 2nd and 3rd were two moitie floral print ops.I finally got them recently too. <3

    To be honest all my rreal dream dresses are dresses that would never fit me so i had to find realistic dream dresses. (and i would love to have a pc jsk too haha i'm very cliche i guess).

  5. Loll aww. Check me out,

  6. whoaa, i love lolita too! ^^

  7. I really love the modest, but elegant pattern of the violin on the JSK. Haven't heard of the brand, either. Do you accessorize with that outfit?