Saturday, March 5, 2011

No, I'm not technically supposed to do this

The other day I turned this^^^
Into this:

My phone strap charm collection is now less blobby and not actually connected to my cellphone (which doesn't have a hook for it anyway ;_;) and actually kind of an interesting wall installment. I actually started collecting them in 9th grade but then my cellphone was stolen... I was way more upset about losing all my cellphone charms ;__;

Some I got myself, others (like the ponyo in a bubble and the rilakuma) were from friends who went to korea or japan ^^;

Do you own any phone straps?


  1. WHOA so many charms @_@ I only have a Gloomy & Animal Crossing (boy) charm. The boy kind of looks like Gloomy Bear's master boy, so they look like they go together haha

  2. This is actually a really adorable idea xD

  3. I have a couple keychains but I hate when they get lost or break apart. I dont use keychains or charms as much anymore but I just keep a mini collection :)

  4. WOw that's really neat. Followed!

  5. If only I could put pushpins in my wall. ;n;

    I do have a huge strap collection. I should probably take a picture of them all, lol. But yours are really fucking adorable, ugyuu. <3

  6. Ahh yes. I used to collect phone charms, but when I put them on my phone...they'd deteriorate over time or get caught on something and break off. So instead of having a katamari of charms, I just went minimalistic :

    1) A handmade charm the club I volunteer from made me (has my nickname on it)
    2) A chain with multiple plates that say Welcome to Las Vegas
    3) A cute octopus with a bell and it's tentacles shake (got during my first visit to SF)
    4) One of those bead sprite art creations I got from a con (It's the Boss Key from the earlier Zelda games)

    I DO want your ponyo & rilakkuma charms HNNNG <3
    I did have a monokuro charm..but the paint was coming off him ;__;