Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring time

In honor of today hitting 80 degrees (well, 79 technically), I changed my blog a bit. Let me know if it's easy enough on the eyes. I'm excited for spring. I found a good allergy medication regimen that works, and even though the pollen index will hit the double digits soon, I should be mostly okay.

My friends who were on spring break this week (I wasn't) visited the other day and brought me a plant! The flowers are really lovely. I love plants and flowers *_* And it sounds like it'll be nice out tomorrow, so I think I'll go out in the afternoon.


  1. Blog's layout is so pretty this way,I like flower's background!

  2. It looks very spring-like. I like it!

  3. On my picture, I take badly my violin because I'm not playing violin here, but I am showing the jewelry, for the brand of jewelry and accessories! But if this image are too unbearable for you no one asks you to publish it !
    I hate girls who like to just criticize.

    Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

  4. It's really pretty :D And the plant is so gorgeous :o

    I have the same problem with allergies but I'm too lazy to get them diagnosed and medicated. >.>

  5. Very lovely background. White poppies! looks sort of like a cloissone design.