Saturday, March 12, 2011

In light of recent events

Minute by minute, many of the effects of the earthquake and tsunami the other day are still precarious. Thankfully, Japan is not a nation unprepared for those types of natural disasters, but its always good to give if you can to relief efforts. For simplicity's sake I donated to the Japan effort by the Red Cross, but there are many different groups raising money by now. Just remember to check that its reliable, of course.

Luckily everyone I know and their family in Japan were uninjured.


  1. It sickens me that donation scams have already started :/ People can be so selfish.

  2. I haven't come across any donation scams yet, but it scares me to think of how many there are out there...

  3. The number of people struck hard are, relatively, quite few. But the few that are affected usually have it hard. My girlfriend and I watch a Japanese news stream daily and just yesterday they showed a guy who lost 6 members of his family. Plan on donating to Red Cross soon myself.