Friday, April 1, 2011

Five for five: A week's worth of bento

Normally I pack lunch about 3 times a week, less if I don't have any time or more, if I do, like this week (and I don't go out to lunch).
Leftover Steak
Fried Rice (My housemate made a HUGE quantity of fried rice that will be present all week... and the next)
Broccoli Florets and Japanese Mayo (which is very good, just a little more vinegar-y)

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Meatballs (Made a big batch of these tuesday night)
Sauce is 1 part ketchup, 1 part Worcestershire, and 1/4 part soy sauce, tastes like A1
Broccoli again
Fried Rice again

Fried Rice + Meatballs
Frozen mandarin rolls that were very good microwaved.

Spinach Salad (French dressing stolen from the campus cafe)
Mango Chobani Greek yogurt (AMAZING btw)
Boursin to spread on the bread ends I got for 50 cents at the sandwich shop (I didn't eat them all in one day... obviously)
Hardboiled egg (gotta get my protein!)

Baby spinach salad with black currents and raspberry vinaigrette
Hardboiled egg (eek, it was actually only about 3/4ths boiled... I had to nuke it later)
Wheat bread end with spread

Anyways, I love making bentos (or in some cases, just salads). There are a lot of great bento sites out there. I'm not sure if I'll regularly post my bentos here, but they are all posted under the #bento tag at my Tumblr

Do you bring or buy lunch?



  1. Looks like your a Healthy eater everything looks so Yum yum

  2. Very healthy stuff! I'm not much of a salad person myself.

  3. I actually just got a new job where I'm working some full shifts and I want to start bringing a packed lunch. My old insulated lunch case from school has bitten the big one and I was actually thinking about treating myself to something a little more attractive than GladWare to carry things in. What's a good place to shop online before I hit the Asian grocery stores around here?

  4. Your bentos look so delicious. T__T I usually just pack plain chicken, some veggies and a no-cal dressing.

  5. @Tencrowns There's Jlist which has some cute bentos, and which has some really nice quality stuff that will last a great long time!

  6. Mmmm looking at these makes me very hungry! I've been meaning to host a small picnic meet up of my local lolitas where we all enjoy the weather and eat from a bento.

    I don't have a lot of fancy accessories to decorate my bento, but I love the idea of eating self prepared meals.

    p.s. Did I ever comment on how refreshing your new layout is? <3

  7. Ohh, fantastic!~
    I go to a boarding school where cooking is not an option, and all 3 meals are held in the dining hall.
    I do like making bentos at home, but it's not really necessary to make them there (=u=;; ) Still, I love getting cute bento boxes, and I recently got hardboiled egg molds~ I (very much like your lunches) usually include a hardboiled egg, so having it in the shape of a rabbit or a bear makes lunch that much cuter (>u< )~

  8. Holy cow, those look pretty and delicious *-* you are the master of foods.

    btw, your new layout is really cute!

  9. SPINACH. I love spinach in everything :D