Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vampire Forest (Alice and the Pirates)

Print post! The much talked about Vampire Forest samples out and... well, there are very mixed reactions. From what I've seen, the majority (of lolitas in the english speaking community) don't care for it much. There were a few things working against it.

1. It's an all over print. As you can see from the close up, it has some lovely art. But the composition is wrecked by putting it all over.
2. Dress designs are... meh. Not to mention all the samples are in the 'purple' colorway. I might feel different about the red, navy, or black (actually I like the black the best) but now there is no way to tell.

3. The name works against it a bit, because it's apparently an unofficial successor to Vampire Requiem, which remains as one of AatP's most sought after and valued prints. It also happens to be a border print and have very nice dress designs, so there's a lot of overshadowing going on.

What I do appreciate:
1. The bustle skirt design. It's very elegant and I can see it working well in the red colorway as a dramatic gothic piece.
2. The socks. I might actually get those. They are absolutely gorgeous.

In a perfect world I would have... The bustle skirt in black. Oh and the socks. The socks are awesome.

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