Friday, September 3, 2010

Moonlight Night Print Reserve (Metamorphose)

Well, it's September finally. School is starting, the days will get shorter (but not cooler, for a while yet), and the leaves will turn. So let's talk about new prints! One that certainly does echo with the imminent arrival of winter is Meta's "Moonlight Night" featured in this exquisite antique white JSK design. I love the twin ribbon bodice. In terms of the print itself, it's definitely Meta, but evokes words like "Iron Gate" since it does feature well... a gate.

But it's done in a very subdued way, gold on black or gold on white (or grey on black but that is really hideous in my opinion, see below). It's about 50% gothic, 40% sweet and 10% classic, if I had to break it down. This will probably be very popular with lolitas of mixed styles since it's so versatile.

What -doesn't- work is the grey on black colorway. Or, I think they were going for 'silverxblack' but went too dark, and now it is just not eye catching nor elegant. It's looks... well, mushy is the way I'd put it but that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Either way, it'll easily be the least popular colorway unless it looks drastically different in person. I don't think it would have been too gaudy to use silver accents, or even just have whitexblack.

In a perfect world I would have... the JSK in goldxwhite ... it's such an elaborate, fun design

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