Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aster Cafe by Lief

I got my Aster Cafe skirt by Lief in the yellow colorway the other day! It has such a lovely print... Definitely my favorite indie brand. I took some detail pictures, but because the lighting in my room is so horrid the color levels are a bit off.

The color blend of yellow, caramel, and darkish green. This skirt series came in 3 colorways, black, green, and yellow. There was really no question in which color I'd get, although to be fair compared to the other 2, this colorway has the least amount of color contrast.

The print itself is a very picturesque street view, with lovely iron wrought fences and classic urban cafes.

These two pictures were taken with flash, just to brighten the detail of the print. The non flash pictures were much truer to color.

I'll probably coordinate this with cream, browns, and offwhite. Lief was lovely enough to include a hair clip and a pin on bow with my order~

The skirt is lined, and the construction is very solid. I like the use of the trim as opposed to lace, it gives it a more modern feel. I can't wait to coord with this!


  1. Oh, god it's so cute! Q___Q I'm sorta sad that I missed out on this. I had been thinking about getting it in the navy colorway.

    My only concern is the problems people were having with not getting their Gardenberry series from the last GO. :| So maybe that's what stopped me.

  2. What an interesting skirt. It's lovely and I love the color ^_^